The Single Lane Conveyor System

Single lane conveyor systems are sections of a conveyor system, or the entire conveyor system, where the processed products are organised single file to suit the process requirements. Single lane conveyor systems are commonly associated with the beverage industry, and especially craft beer breweries. Single lane conveyor systems are used to help products filter through a specific process. Some examples include Can Twists or Can Rinser Systems; which are used to clean and sanitise canning products. They’re also very useful for increasing the speed within a section of the conveyor system as Single lane sections within a conveyor system can handle high-intensity speeds. For example within a can conveyor system, a single lane conveyor section can handle over 2,000 cans per minute.

A single lane conveyor system can be created bespoke to any product though, no matter how large or small; heavy or light. The most important thing to always remember is; if you’re considering investing in a new single lane conveyor system; always ensure it’s bespoke and tailor-made for your area, requirements and products in order to achieve maximum return on investment.

Single lane conveyor systems sometimes stand-alone – typically during a Craft Beer Conveyor System, but are also included in other types of conveyor system set-ups. These include: Can Conveyor Systems and Bottle Conveyor Systems.

Canning Single Lane Conveyor System

CKW Pro-Can: Single lane conveyor systems

CKW Pro-Can is a specialist single lane conveyor system design, manufacture and installation engineering company based in the United Kingdom. CKW Pro-Can’s team of expert engineers design and manufacture Single lane conveyor systems to specific requirements and bespoke areas for a range of industries, including the beverage industry and food industry.

The CKW Pro-Can teamwork worldwide with some of the biggest names in the canning industry on single lane conveyor projects providing a range of conveyors.

Our single lane quality conveyor systems are created out of stainless steel for any material handling solutions. They use fully automated systems inclusive with full mechanical and electrical manufacture and installation.

Our Single Lane Conveyor Systems Process:

CKW Pro-Can has a global design and installation team that will measure and spec your single lane conveyor system requirements anywhere in the world. Our project management service will then assign you a dedicated project manager who will ensure that your single lane conveyor system project remains on track and on budget.

After measurements are completed and designs are signed off, we begin manufacturing your single lane conveyor system at our United Kingdom-based manufacturing workshop using the highest quality of materials.

Once manufactured, we ship your new single lane conveyor system to your factory, globally, and our installation team will modify and install your single lane conveyor system so that it is performing at 100% efficiency.

Once complete, you’ll then receive the industries finest aftercare with 24/7 mechanical engineering support; this guarantees that you’ll always be 100% satisfied with our service and produced products.

Bottle single lane conveyor system

Conveyor Systems Bespoke and Built to last

At CKW Pro-Can, we believe that bespoke is always best.

None of our produced projects are classed as ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions and every conveyor system, can twist or rinser system solution that we put in place for you will always be a fully bespoke system.

For this reason and as a result of this, we pride ourselves in providing some of the world’s best can handling and bottle handling solutions.

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Food Canning Single Lane Conveyor System

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