The Can Conveyor Systems

Can Conveyor Systems are usually found in industries such as the beverage filling industry and Can Making Industry. They are used to transport Empty Can’s and/or Can Materials from one location, run them through a bespoke process, and package them onto their next step.

CKW Pro-Can are a specialist engineering company within the Canning Industry, experts in Canning Solutions. CKW Pro-Can’s expert engineer’s measure, design, manufacture and install Can Conveyor Systems and everything in between; including Can Twists and Can Rinser Systems.

A successful, bespoke Can Conveyor System can run over 1.5million Cans per day through it’s process, when integrated with a single lane conveyor system; providing high return on a Conveyor Systems investment. It’s important, when planning a new or replacement Can Conveyor System, to ensure that the designs are prepared to your space, process and requirements; and to also ensure that your Can Conveyor System is manufactured bespoke for the best output and throughput.

Alternatively, craft beer conveyor systems will run lower speeds through a more condensed process to suit the breweries requirements.

The Canning Industry

The Can Conveyor System could be the Conveyor System of the future. The Canning Industry is a year-on-year rapidly growing industry. According to Drinks Insight Network, research from Nielsen shows that Can Beverage/Beer sales increased 327% from Jan-Aug in 2020, and is still growing. The craft beer industry specifically is doing incredibly well.

With environmental issues being increasingly raised, the demand for more environmentally friendly packaging options are leading to Cans being a go-to product. As they’re made from 100% aluminium, therefore 100% of the Can is recyclable.

Even the brewers and Canning experts understand that Cans are lighter and designed to stack efficiently, which means no wasted storage space. They are also much safer to carry a single can that weighs approximately 20% of the weight of a 330ml bottle.

Can Conveyor System
Can Conveyor System Line

CKW Pro-Can: Our Can Conveyor Systems – Design, Manufacture & Install Services

CKW Pro-Can provides canning solutions globally to some of the biggest names in the canning industry. Below is our leading canning conveyor system process:

Measurements & Requirements of Can Conveyor Systems

Our in-house engineering canning experts will initially measure up your space and requirements. Wherever your factory is located in the world, we will accommodate. Our head office and manufacturing workshop is based at the centre of the United Kingdom but CKW Pro-Can has teams that span the globe. Our experts will visit the site, audit the requirement and provide recommendations for the best end-product. If you already have specs and measurements, we can provide a free quotation for the Can Conveyor Solution.

As far as the Can Conveyor Solution; CKW Pro-Can can provide anything from a modification to your current Can Conveyor, through to a full new Can Conveyor System Manufacture and Install. This includes elements of the Can Conveyor System such as Can TwistsCan Rinser Systems and Single Lane Conveyor Sections

Design & Manufacture of Can Conveyor Systems

Once the requirement, solution and quotation is agreed upon, we provide detailed CAD designs for your new Can Conveyor System. This gives you and your teams complete confidence in the finished product and helps you understand exactly what the end results will look like.

Our Can Conveyor System Manufacture facility is based in Wigan, United Kingdom and from here we’ll collate the highest quality of materials to ensure the longevity of your Can Conveyor System; then begin the manufacturing process to the exact designs provided. We have recently, in 2021, expanded the size of our workshop allowing the larger conveyor system assembly and testing. From here, we also provide an endless variety of Bespoke Metal Fabrication services.

Install & Life-long Aftercare of Can Conveyor Systems

CKW Pro-Can is proud to offer a truly global installation service for Can Conveyor Systems and other Conveyor Systems. Since 2015, our engineering teams have travelled to every continent in the world and continue to expand our reach. The practicality of an installation isn’t always straightforward, and factories have no doubt experienced times when an installation hasn’t gone to plan. To ensure the highest level of installation service during your Can Conveyor System Installation, we ensure that the installation team know every aspect of the work carried out, and are equipped with the tools and requirements to make any final modifications on-site to ensure that your Can Conveyor System is running at 100% capacity.

Within the canning industry, we feel that the aftercare quality sees a dip after a period of time once your Conveyor Systems are installed. We wanted to see this change and this is why our clients love us and stay with us; The process for us never ends. From day 1, when you request a quotation you are out number 1 priority, then continued afterwards once the Conveyor System is installed. We will always be by your side, so we offer 24/7 global aftercare and support should you ever need us.

Can Filling Factory with Can Conveyor Systems
Can Conveyor Line During Production
3D Model Beverage Cans
Can Conveyor System In Can Factory

Can Conveyor Systems that are Bespoke and Made To Last

CKW Pro-Can only provide the highest quality of materials specific to the canning industry. With these materials, CKW Pro-Can believes that bespoke is always best. That’s why we don’t offer off-the-shelf Can Conveyor Systems. All of the Canning Conveyor Systems that we produce are made-to-measure and created specifically to you. The result of this is always a longer life canning solution, manufactures specifically to last with excellent aftercare and support.

Are you ready to speak to CKW Pro-Can about a global Can Conveyor System project? CKW Pro-Can project managers are keen to find out about your upcoming canning project and are more than happy to provide a free, no-obligation quotation.

We also offer other styles of Conveyor Systems, including Bottle Conveyor Systems and Single lane conveyor systems. If you’re a Craft Brewery, we have a dedicated sector in-house that specialises in Craft Beer Canning Conveyor Systems and Craft Beer Bottle Conveyor Systems.

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