The requirement of Can Rinser Systems and Can Rinser Units

The cleaning and sanitising process is very crucial to the can making process. At CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) we understand the science behind cleaning and sanitising for the can making industry. The part of the process is vital for your reputation and we take our solutions very seriously and can confidently say that you won’t find a company more invested in ensuring that your Can Rinser Systems are at the top of their game.

As standard practice, the usual can making process would typically use one of two can rinser options; The first being Air Rinsing. The Air Rinsing System and Rinser Units will either use ionized air, house air or blown air. As experts in the field of everything canning fabrication, we have manufactured and installed rinser units that operate for all of these solutions. The Air Rinsing Systems are becoming much more popular as these are a more eco-friendly & sustainable option for your can making system as they don’t require the constant flow and usage of water. The second option is the widely used Water Rinsing Systems and Water Rinsing Units. These use filtered, chlorinated or ozonated water along with suction and drainage.

Both styles of rinser units will tend to have an infeed from a single lane conveyor system and also then outfeed to another single lane conveyor system.

For the safety of your process and production line, CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) also offer both Debris Collection and Foreign Liquid Collection solutions, in-built into your Rinser Systems. Using proprietary screens, solid matter can be collected for analysis during debris collection. While for Foreign liquid collection, using proprietary detection methods, foreign liquids trigger a line shutdown and can be collected for analysis.

Can Rinser Units Manufacture and Install

With the correct rinser system in place, your production line can run canning speeds of up to 2,000 cans per minute. Manufactured in our UK workshop, we can meet any of your container size needs and adhere to any required fill rates, all while future-proofing for adaption.

Alternatively, if you’re a craft brewery and are looking for something on a budget for lower can, or bottle, speeds.

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CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) – Our Can Rinser System Manufacture and Install Service

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) are able to offer a range of Can Rinser Units and Can Rinser Systems that are bespoke to the customer’s requirements, connecting to your Can Twists and Can Inverters. From a wet spray rinsing system to our high speed ionised air rinsing on a single lane application.

We are able to manufacture Rinser Units bespoke so that they can integrate within an existing conveyor line layout or can be manufactured for a new factory installation. We also manufacture specific can rinser systems and units for craft beer can lines and craft beer bottle lines.

– Cold Water & Hot Water Rinsing Process
– Ionised Air Rinsing for High-Speed Lines
– Multi-Lane Rinser Formats

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) are also able to offer our global market-leading technology by using our High-Pressure Anti-Static Ionised Air Rinsing Process. Not only does this process offer the customer a ZERO water consumption to clean their product, but it is also a more environmentally friendly solution.

If you do not wish to use the Ionised Air Rinser, our Wet Rinser Systems are just as effective and can also be adapted to your existing conveyor line, connected using a single lane conveyor section typically.

The benefits of having a bespoke manufactured Rinser Unit from CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) are:

  • Reduction of downtime
  • Productivity increases
  • Line Safety Increased
  • Operator performed
  • Frees up operator’s time
  • Line adjustment minimising
Can Rinser System - CKW Pro-Can

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Can Rinser Units – Bespoke and Built To Last

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) manufacture our Can Rinser Systems and Rinser Units from Stainless Steel. This offers high durability and efficient, quick cleaning processes. Our experience in the Canning Industry has allowed us to develop our design and manufacturing process of Rinser Units to the highest standard, resulting in optimal performance and an extension of operating life. We can confidently and proudly say that our bespoke Rinser solutions are the most reliable on the market. To date, we’ve been trusted with providing Rinser Systems and Rinser Units to some of the biggest names in the canning industry with glowing testimonials.

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) can offer worldwide shipping to any location along with a global expert fitting team to provide Can Rinser System Installation while working around you and your schedules.

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Can Rinser Unit during manufacture

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