The requirement of Can Twists & Can Inverters

Within the Can Making Industry, Can Twists, or Can Inverters as they’re also known, play a very important part in its success and growth. Their primary function is to twist or invest the cans during their production/conveyor system. It’s also important that a correct re-invert or re-twist also occurs. The objective with Can Twists or Can Inverters is to ensure that the can’s continue through an uninterrupted process, resulting in improved throughput and efficiency.

Usually, Can Twists and Can Inverters come as in-line systems or conveyor-to-conveyor systems off the back of a single lane conveyor system. During the preparation and design stage of your Can Twists, it’s important to remember that the best solution for your process will always be the bespoke option. In the Can Making Industry, it’s rare that a ‘one size fit’s all’ solution or ‘off-the-shelf’ solution is at all a viable one. CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) offers complete bespoke Can Twists and Can Inverter solutions, tailor-made to your set up. Either system may also require varying can sizes and effective switchovers. Our solutions are put in place to be future proof for your varying can sizes and requirements.

Speed and protection is also a vital consideration with the product. The correct Can Twist solution will ensure that blockages, damages and downtime are eliminated within the process for a much more cost-effective lifetime of the can making process.

In the video above, you can see some of CKW Pro-Can’s latest Can Twists that were designed and manufactured on-site at our Wigan, United Kingdom-based workshop.

The canning industry is growing year on year, especially within the craft breweries sector. The end-user demand for canned goods within the beverage and food industry is growing due to the sustainability of aluminium cans. According to Earth911 article, “If you can find aluminium cans made from 100% recycled materials, they should be your top choice when shopping for single-serving beverages,”

If you are considering expanding your canning operation or converting to a canning operation, we can assist. CKW Pro-Can specialises in Bespoke Can Twists, Can Rinser Systems and Canning Conveyor Systems. With years of experience in bespoke canning engineering for a massive variety of requirements, CKW Pro-Can are the experts to refer to when looking to take the next step in the beverage industry and food industry.

Can Twists and Can Inverters
Bespoke Can Twists
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CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) – Our Can Twists Manufacture and Install Service

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) are able to offer complete bespoke fabricated Can twist units to any customer’s requirements. With the positive approach to adapt to our customer’s needs, we are able to manufacture all can twists so that they can integrate within an existing conveyor line layout or can be manufactured for a new factory installation.

Some of the things we’re able to offer:

– Non-Marking Protective Wear Strip
– Quick Release Change Part Features
– 90 Degrees & 180 Degrees Application
– Stainless Steel Material
– Custom Manufacture to Suit Existing Line
– Bespoke Twist Storage Units

Our can twist units can be manufactured to suit a wide range of can sizes including 330ml, 440ml, 500ml, 568ml as well as any other can sizes that the industry has to offer. They can be installed as a non-removable fixed unit or with our quick release clamps to allow the operator an easy changeover during production.
Our can twist units can also be manufactured with a low friction clip-on plastic to ensure no marking to cans during high-speed production. We also have a specific sector, specialising in Craft Beer Canning lines and Craft Beer Bottling Lines.

If your project requires additional metal fabrication, our engineers are specialists in bespoke metal fabrication. Click here to read more about this service.

Vertical Can Twists In a can-making factory

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Can Twists that are Bespoke and Built To Last

Using the best in canning technologies, CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) Can Twists are manufactured using stainless steel for durability and quick, easy cleaning processes.

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) have years of professional experience in Can Twist Design, Manufacture and Installation which means that our bespoke Can Twists offer far fewer breakdown’s, repairs and most importantly, less downtime. As part of our Can Twist service, we also offer annual service checks to keep on top maintenance. Should the systems require modifications or parts, we will ensure everything is dealt with as a priority. Our engineers are hand-picked and trained to the highest quality and for their unique problem-solving solutions in completing service calls so that your timetable stays to schedule with minimal downtime.

We create all of our Can Twist solutions to customer specifications, bespoke to your set-up and systems. We also put suggestions and recommendations forward for the best outcome and most effective canning result.

If your existing conveyor system requires additional, new or replacement rinser units, we’re able to also manufacture and install bespoke rinser systems and rinser units. Alternatively, if you require a full new conveyor system in place, we specialise in manufacturing Can Conveyor Systems, Single lane conveyor systems and bottle conveyor systems.

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Bespoke Can Twists with quick release clamps

One of our latest Can Twists Projects

Here is a demonstration from one of our recent Can Twists Projects; The client was BrewDog. Our CKW Pro-Can team manufactured and installed these Can Twists for their 330ml sleek can size specifically. Depending on the client’s requirements, we’re able to produce Can Twists for any set can size. Alternatively, we can also produce Can Twists with quick-release clamps that allow for can size change overs.

As you can see on the video, these can twists came complete with clip-on plastics for can protection. These Can Twists also came equipped with quick release clamps for a fast changeover in can size. The benefits of quick-release clamps on Can Twists include Less downtime, faster change over, multi-size can option and more resilience over time (longer lifespan) without the need for modifications.

We’re passionate about creating the most innovative canning solutions – challenge us to see if we can make your production line more effective!

If you have any queries or questions about your Can Twists, Rinser Units, Conveyor Systems or Bespoke Fabrication Solutions; Get in touch with the global leaders in can handling solutions at CKW Pro-Can.

If you’d like to keep up to date with our on-going projects, follow our LinkedIn page: CKW Pro-Can (Engineering)

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