The requirement of Conveyor Systems

The fastest and most efficient operation within material and mechanical handling will always revolve around bespoke conveyor systems. Typically the function is to transport loads and materials within an area throughout a production process. The benefits of conveyor systems include:

  • Minimising Human Error
  • Lowering workplace risks
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Time-saving
  • Faster and more efficient process

They can be operated using a belt, wheels, rollers, chain and many more, and will often move bulky or heavy items.

Unlike some machinery within production processes, conveyor systems are usually not an ‘off-the-shelf” solution and will rarely be suited to a customers requirements unless they’ve been made to work around your process. With conveyor systems, a bespoke manufactured solution is always the best approach but it’s also important that the correct preparation, design, technologies and installation are engineered for the future-proof and sustainability of the new conveyor system.

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke conveyor systems on a global scale. We also specialise in the Canning Industry, Beverage Industry and Food Industry, offering specialised Can Twists and Rinser Units. Some of the specialist Conveyor Systems that we offer include Can Conveyor Systems, Bottle Conveyor Systems and Single Lane Conveyor Systems. If you are a craft brewery, we additional design, manufacture and install craft beer can lines and craft beer bottle lines to meet more specific budgets.

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) – Our bespoke conveyor system manufacture and install service

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) are able to offer a complete range of conveyor systems to suit the needs of a wide variety of material handling problems.  We are able to manufacture conveyor systems from stainless steel or mild steel with a powder-coated finish to a colour of your choice.

CKW (Pro-Can) Engineering can manufacture conveyor systems and ship worldwide from our manufacturing facility in the centre of the UK. With our expert team of engineers, we are also able to carry out global mechanical and electrical installations of conveyor systems and machinery.

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) offer a complete and extensive range of conveying services within the market. From a stand-alone conveyor, line upgrade or a complete turnkey handling system; We design, manufacture, build and test at our production facility, near Wigan, at the centre of the UK. With our extensive industry knowledge, we can advise on the best solution for your product handling requirements.

Some typical industry applications include: 
– Air & Vacuum Conveyor Systems
– 2 & 3 Piece Can Conveyor Systems
– Beverage Can Conveyor Systems (With Can Twists and Rinser Systems)
– PET Bottle Conveyor Systems
– Rope Conveyor Systems
– Warehouse Packaging Conveyors
– Palletised Conveyor Systems

Bespoke Conveyor System
Bespoke Conveyor System

Conveyor Systems Bespoke and Built to last

CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) manufacture bespoke conveyor systems for an array of products. Some of the niche conveyor systems also include our speciality; Can handling products such as full and empty cans, inclusive of Can Twists and Rinser Systems.

We use the highest grade of materials throughout our conveyor system projects, working alongside the most cutting edge technology and methods of engineering. The result is a long-lasting, future-proofed solution.

Can Making Conveyor System

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