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CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) are a specialist canning industry engineering company, focusing all of our engineering expertise into can making engineering and can filling engineering.

With global transitions into a more sustainable and environmental focused world, the can making industry and can filling industry are on a rise. More and more breweries and soft drinks manufacturers within the beverage industry are making their way towards canning only conveyor lines.

The Can-do attitude

Puns aside, CKW Pro-Can (engineering) are experts in problem-solving within the canning industry. We don’t seek problems, we seek solutions. Our team of professional canning engineers are trained from day 1 that no problem can’t be overcome, and we practise this through all of our work. We call it our ‘Can-Do Attitude’.

Have you got a Can Conveyor System, Can Twist or Can Rinser system problem that you’d like CKW Pro-Can to solve? As part of our ‘Can-Do’ service, we offer a complimentary site visit to assess and audit the requirements at hand that you have before devising a comprehensive ‘Can-do’ plan of action.

We operate and engineer all aspects of the Can Conveyor System and Canning Industry. Continue reading to explore how we can help.

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How we specialise in Canning Industry Engineering

Measuring & Site Visits: CKW Pro-Can is a global engineering company that provides canning solutions and conveyor systems to all 7 continents throughout the globe. Our team provide a dedicated complimentary site visit measure-up for any projects that you may require from us before a project begins. From this, we supply you with a no-obligation quotation and project solution specification.

Design and Solution: Our engineers will know the exact design and solution that is required to be put into place after a site visit and measure up. We have dedicated designers who will CAD design the solution, allowing us to provide a no-obligation quotation. As experts and specialists within the canning and beverage industry, we can proudly say that as an engineering company, our solution will confidently be the best option for your canning line.

Manufacture: The CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) manufacturing workshop is based centrally within the UK – Wigan; Which is located directly in between Manchester and Liverpool. We are continuously growing our manufacturing workshop space with new unit additions and extensions to allow room for growth. We recently (2021) expanded our manufacturing space by x3 the size we operated within during 2020. From our specialist Canning conveyor line manufacturing workshop, we’re able to manufacture any sized requirement you may have. Our usual specialist required products that we manufacture include: Can Twists, Can Rinser Systems/Units, Can Conveyor Systems, Bottle Conveyor Systems, Single Lane Conveyor Systems, Craft Canning Beer Conveyor Lines.

Installation: CKW Pro-Can offer a completely global installation and shipping service. We operate in all 7 continents of the globe, with no limitation on what we’re able to manufacture, send and install. Our installation team are also specialists in the canning industry, allowing them to work on-site to the highest standard, ensuring that installed canning requirements are operating at 100% efficiency.

Depalletising: Included in our can conveyor line manufacture service, CKW Pro-Can offer Canning Depalletisers. Depending on the exact product requirement that is needed, we’re able to help with a range of depalletizing equipment for can lines. This includes High-level depalletisers (dischange table above 1,800mm) or Low-level depalletisers (discharge table below 1,800mm). For more information about our depalletisers, click here.

Conveyor System Foundation: The foundation of a conveyor system is essentially the main structure and lines themselves within the entire conveyor system. CKW Pro-Can manufacture the entire conveyor system foundation from the highest quality of raw materials based on specific require designs and product solution. We also provide the software, electrical and mechanical elements of a full conveyor system. There are many different categorised types of Conveyor system depending on your requirements. Explore Types of conveyor system by clicking here.

Can Twists: These are a very specialist section within the can conveyor. CKW Pro-Can are specialists in the design, manufacture and install of can twists. These will invert or twist a can or bottle during its conveyor line for a particular process; usually the rinsing or coding process. Read more about Can Twists here.

Canning Rinser Systems: The process of cleaning and sanitising empty cans or empty bottles before the cans/bottles are ran through the filling machines. CKW Pro-Can design, manufacture and install Rinser Units and provide the full Rinser system. A choice between water or ionised air, depending on budget and requirements – read more about Rinser Systems here.

Canning Fillers: The filling process requires specialist can filling machinery depending on the canning product bring processed on your can conveyor. Can filling machinery ranges in volume and requirement depending on your set up and canning throughput. Speak to us about your can filling requirements.

Date Coding: Sometimes integrating with additional Can Twists to re-invert the cans after filling in order to date code, using a date coding machine in-built into a can conveyor system is an automated process to help reduce time while increasing productivity and efficiency. CKW Pro-Can are able to help with Date Coding machines to meet your requirements and to then integrate them into your current can conveyor system by modifying your can conveyor system. Typically, we’ll ensure your cans transition onto a single lane conveyor system through this section of the process without losing momentum.

Re-packaging: The re-packaging section of your can conveyor system will likely be bespoke to your seller formats and bespoke to your product. All of our conveyor systems are built bespoke using the highest grade of materials to ensure that they are robust and built to last. Speak to us about your can packaging process.

Canning Industry and Recycling: Why to choose the Canning Route

According to Recycle More, every year in the UK around 9.591 billion aluminium beverage cans are produced, of which 75% of these are recycled.

Novelis estimates that every household in the UK consumes around 340 aluminium drink cans every year. Every one of these can be recycled back into new drink cans repeatedly.

The benefits of recycling aluminium cans are:

  • Saves energy
  • Saves natural resources
  • Reduces pressure on landfill sites

As aluminium cans are melted down, turned into ingots of aluminium and then used to make new cans; this causes a closed loop of recycling. As a result, the canning industry becomes a very economical industry to operate in and therefore an attractive one for buyers and vendors.

This is just one reason why aluminium cans are one of the packaging products of the future.

Other ways aluminium cans help with the environment are:

  • Less weight than containers such as bottles
  • Easily stacked
  • Easily transported
  • Cheaper to manufacture and operate with

If you are considering opening up a new can conveyor line and require expert advice on the best approach for your budget, or if you require additions or modifications to a current can conveyor system, speak to CKW Pro-Can before your next step and we can help with free, impartial advice while providing a free, no-obligation quotation to help solve your problem.

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