The Requirement of Can Depalletisers and Bottle Depalletisers

Can Depalletisers are placed at the start of a range of can conveyor systems and offer automatic removal of empty cans from pallets. Bottle depalletisers provide exactly the same function but are bespoke to empty bottles. Within empty can handling and empty bottle handling, they are machinery that gets commonly invested in and added to canning lines or bottle lines.

The perception of a depalletiser is often associated with high-volume canning conveyor lines or high-volume bottle conveyor lines. High volume conveyor lines require them in order to fulfil and meet the demand of continuous, high volume depelletising but depalletisers come in a range of varieties, offering different speed volumes, from 60 cans/bottles per minute up to 2,400 per minute.

Depending on either your current conveyor system configuration and specification or the design of your new conveyor system being manufactured and installed, we can help work with you to provide either High-level depalletisers (discharge table above 1,800mm) or low-level depallerisers (discharge table under 1,800mm). These are the two main categories that depalletisers stem from.

The additional options from this point all depend on your fulfilment requirements. Starting at the head of the depalletiser, which depends on the product that is being removed from the pallet. The options are: Sweep off (product is on inverted trays or flat boards), magnetic (product is made from magnetic materials), Inflatable (product loaded into trays on pallets) or scissor lift (product In in retort baskets).

Depalletising is at the start of the process, but then re-palletising can be added towards the end. Once again, depending on the product and requirements that you need typically within your packaging conveyor system.

Can depalletiser

CKW Pro-Can Depalletiser Solutions

At CKW Pro-Can, we manufacture the majority of our solutions within our Manufacturing workshops, ready to ship and install worldwide. However, with depalletisers, we work closely with dedicated depalletizing partner manufacturers to provide these.

Approaching CKW Pro-Can with any depalletising requirements will offer specialist management and insight when it comes to deciding on the correct solution for either your current conveyor system or a newly designed or modified conveyor system. Our depalletiser manufacture partner will often seek CKW Pro-Can’s expert advice in preparations, planning and installation of depalletisers; adding incredible value to the depalletizing solution within your factory.

Our engineering team have worked with depalletisers and repalletisers/palletisers within a range of projects; providing them to some of the largest names in the beverage industry, through to the newest craft breweries across the UK and USA.

Some projects that might be similar to your requirements that included depalletisers are:

  • Low-level sweep off depalletiser for tapered glass jars with stabilising pins.
  • High-level glass depalletising at 600 bottles per minute on pallets 2,800 mm high with automatic inverted tray, flat board and wooden top frame removal system handling both Chep and Euro pallets and linked with the palletise unit to reduce pallet handling. The tall pallet for the glass reduced transport cost and reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Empty PET bottle depalletising
  • Multi-function robot depalletiser/palletiser with a magnetic head and working with four different pallets at the same time
  • Low-level depalletiser for tapered glass bottles (skittle shaped) at 200 bpm
  • High-level semi-automatic depalletiser for glass spirit flask jars at 300 bpm
Can Conveyor depallatiser

Depalletisers that are Bespoke and Made To Last

CKW Pro-Can have a quality assurance guarantee across all of our engineering solutions provided. Everything that CKW Pro-Can provide is a bespoke solution, including our depalletises and palletisers, built with the highest grade of materials and manufactured using the latest techniques and tools for a long, efficient life.

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Canning Industry Depallatiser

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