Modular Vacuum Transfer Can Conveyor

As specialists in all things can handling, an increasing requirement in can conveyor systems are modular vacuum transfer can conveyor sections.

These are unique and effective sections within a conveyor system that eliminate fallen cans before the next process commences. Using a modular conveyor, manufactured with a vacuum above, this conveyor system vacuums the upright cans off the conveyor belt, leaving any cans that have mistakenly fallen over to drop into a separate container.

Just a single fallen can that get’s left on a conveyor system can create a knock-on-effect, creating further spoilage down the line. This is the benefit of a Modular Vacuum Transfer Can Conveyor System. The investment into new technology and processes this way will pay off both short-term and long-term.

If conveyor systems are regularly maintained and upgraded, fallen cans can be reduced, helping further reduce spoilage and wastage. CKW Pro-Can (Engineering) offer bespoke maintenance plans to help keep on top of your conveyor system equipment and improve efficiency within your canning lines. Speak to us about how we can help with maintenance, new improvements and upgrades across your conveyor systems.

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