Can Twists & Rinser Systems


CKW (Pro-Can) Engineering are able to offer a range of can rinsers and twist units that are bespoke to the customers requirements. From a wet spray rinsing system to our high speed ionised air rinsing on a single lane application.

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CKW (Pro-Can) Engineering’s positive approach to adapt to our customers needs. We are able to manufacture all can twists and rinser units bespoke so that they can integrate within an existing line layout or can be manufactured for a new factory installation.

– Cold Water & Hot Water Rinsing Process
– Ionised Air Rinsing for High Speed Lines
– Multi Lane Rinser Formats
– Non Marking Protective Wear Strip
– Quick Release Change Part Features
– 90 Degrees & 180 Degrees Application
– Stainless Steel Material
– Custom Manufacture to Suit Existing Line
– Bespoke Twist Storage Units

Our can twist units can be manufactured to suit a wide range of can sizes including 330ml, 440ml, 500ml, 568ml as well as any other can sizes that the industry has to offer. They can be installed as a non removable fixed unit or with our quick release clamps to allow the operator an easy changeover during production.
Our can twist units can also be manufactured with a low friction clip-on plastic to ensure no marking to cans during high speed production.

CKW (Pro-Can) Engineering are also able to offer our global market leading technology by using our High Pressure Anti-Static Ionised Air Rinsing Process.

Not only does this process offer the customer a ZERO water consumption to clean their product, but is is also a more environmentally friendly solution.

If you do not wish to use the Ionised Air Rinser our Wet Rinser Systems are just as effective and can also be adapted to your existing can line.

We offer full bespoke fabrication and installation services also.

CKW PROCAN Bespoke Rinser System
CKW Can Twist Fabrication

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